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    Have added some new items and revised some prices.
    Prices do not include shipping...usually ship via USPS.

    Pictures can be taken if requested for an item not everything.
    Please send all email to:
    kchu1 _atthis_ rocketmail _orDOT_ com

    Due to previous requests I've added the ACTUAL weights...
    Go nuts all of you gram counters...some items have been weighed....

    Will consider trades ***FOR*** these parts:
    <<< I DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS!!! >>>
    Campy 9 and 10spd Cassettes in the range of 12/13-27 or 12/13-29

    <<< I DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS!!! >>>
    Campy 9/10spd Short/Mid-length RD Record/Chorus (2000-2004)

    <<< I DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS!!! >>>
    FSA Compact crank (110mm Bolt circle) 172.5mm length
    <<< DO NOT email asking FOR these ITEMS!!! >>>

    Thanks for looking.

    <<< Freebies with ORDER only>>>

    Shimano 600 Front Derailleur FD-6207 Braze-on 5-9sp OK Free w/ order

    Shimano Altus Cantilever Brakes 1pr BR-CT90M Silver VG Free w/ order

    Sugino BB -typical OEM midlvl cup&cone setup 282g VG Free w/ order
    Lside cartridge, Rside new loose bearings, all races smooth/no pits

    <<< end of Freebies with ORDER only>>>
    Sun Mistral Tubular Road Rims 700c 36h ~310gm 1pr NEW 20/pr
    6061T6 AL (Heat Treated), Still in wrapper and never glued up

    Dura Ace STI-7400 Right STI Brake/Shifter parts for RD, 8spd Good 15
    works perfectly, lightly cosmetically challenged

    Dura Ace RD-7402 Double w/ new pulleys 8spd VG 20

    Pr new/used rings range from 10-20/pr
    Ultegra FC-6400 Dble Crank 172.5mm 9/8spd 1"shiny spot c678gm all G 30
    std taper BB, $10rings avail, c505g w/o c217g L arm, 263 R arm

    Ultegra 6400 Double/cap 172.5 9/8spd .5"shiny spot 505/678gm all G 30
    std taper BB, for 9/8spd w/rings 217g L, 263R, $10rings avail

    Mavic CC9 Shimano Hglide Cass 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21 nev ridden 65
    $150 at Excel, all loose cogs/no carrier, V light, yel plastic spacers
    put on Wheels Mfgring Campy spacers to use w/ your campy ergos

    Ultegra HB-6402 Rear 32h Hglide Cass Hub 8/9speed 350gm VG 25
    clean races, smooth/no pits, new bearings -skewers and cass available

    Ultegra HB-6400 Rear 32h Hub shell&cassette body, 9/8spd Good 10
    1 rough spot, No axle or Quick Release

    Shimano Hglide 8sp Cass/lckrng 12-13-15-17-19-21-23-25 Slvr U.V.W VG 20

    Hglide 8sp Cass/lkrng 12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23 Slvr S.U.V.W NIB 35

    Hglide 8sp Cass/lckrng 13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 Brnze S.T.V Gd 10

    Deore DX CS-MX66 loose cass cogs/spacers 11-13-14-15-16-18 NEW 10/BO
    Current model, Red lettering on Black, 11T screw-on top cog

    Real 24t 74mm Bolt, 7075-T6 Heat Treated ring NEW 10

    Engagement Tooth Fairy Chain Guard 94x 42T NIB 20

    Shimano Deore XT FD-750 Front Derailleur 1 1/8" 32.0mm clamp-on NEW 20
    Grey main Body and chrome plates, can be used for any speed

    Shimano Deore XT FD-7?? Front Derailleur 1 1/8" 28.6mm clamp-on NEW 20
    Matte Black main Body and chrome plates, can be used for any speed

    Shimano Deore LX Cantilever BrakeSet Fr&Rear ~188g basically NEW 15/pr
    Black arms, almost new pads(alignment dots still untouched)

    Shimano Deore LX Cantilever Brakes 1pr 188g EX 5
    black arms and silver pad holders w/ micro adjust pads(pads v worn)

    Shimano Deore DX Front Hub HB-MX66 for Track/BMX 36H 135mm e-e NEW 15/BO

    I have look cleats available if needed with pedals.
    Look PP96 Carbo Pro pedals 429g(L-215 R-214) 1990-1995 VG/used 45
    Used by most of the peloton, top of the line for yrs, red w/ black
    super smooth bearings (cartridge&sealed), recently overhauled, w/ cleat
    usual cornering scrapes, tons of miles left

    Shimano DA-7401 c410 Lance's 1998-2001 TDF Pedal VG 25
    cosmetic challenged, perf mechanically -recent serviced & new bearings

    ----------------Will also trade for 120mm length stem-----------------
    ITM Millennium t-less 130mm 1or 1-1/8 road stem-17d hollow, black EX 45

    ITM Millennium t-less 130mm 1or 1-1/8 road stem-17d hollow, black EX 45

    ITM Zero? 1 1/8"t-less 120road stem -17d v solid, no logo Good 15

    Ritchey Pro/Comp 1"t-less 120road stem -17d hollow, silver 1scuff VG 20

    Syncros stem Thread 26.0x 130mm Black/partial "Syncros", stiff VG 10

    Avocet Cadence Kit for any Avocet computer (45TT, etc.) NIB 10

    Forks -all are 1' Threaded/Threadless ROAD forks (e.g. 700c)
    Have Hozan shops tools to cut/thread forks to whatever length for Free.

    Newport Racing Blacktip Carbon Fork 481gm 160mm steerer VG 55
    Currently sells for $399.99 AUS or $225 USD in shops.
    Carbon legs, Cromoly steerer () -fits 56cc frame,
    generous clearance for 1 3/8" tires, very sold

    Specialized Direct Drive 553gm 215mm steerer Never ridden Ex/VG 20
    AL legs/steerer tube, Uncut tube, threaded steerer

    Bell Razor Pro w/ Pump (std Road) Light Black NIB w/tags 25

    Bell Razor Pro w/ Pump (std Road) Blue Good 10/BO

    22pc Combination Wrench set 6-19mm & 1/4-7/8" NIB 15

    90, 45 and 30 degree Angle/level/ruler, T-bar NEW 15
    angles move on ruler, solid steel, appears to be made in US
    Sold/Pending Sales

    Dura Ace STI-7400 Left STI Brake/Shifter for FD, 8or9spd 238gm Ok 20
    works perfectly, cosmetically challenged(e.g. no dust cover for top)
    Dura Ace STI-7400 Left STI Brake/Shifter parts for FD, 8or9spd Ok 10
    works perfectly, cosmetically challenged(e.g. no dust cover for top)
    Ultegra RD-6500 Rear Derailleur 9/8spd Ex 25
    105 FD-1055 Front Derailleur(partial label) 94gm 9/8spd VG 5

    Cane Creek Aerohead? 28h Rear tubie wheel-Shimano8/9spline c.98 40
    Perfectly round -one loose spoke haven't gotten around to truing it.
    More/ON! Dble Bottle Mount for downtube/seatpost Great for Tri's NIB 5

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