Time All Road Pedals - compatibility question

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    Hi all,

    Please forgive my ignornace, but I am quite new to cycling (really a runner in disguise /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif) and I could use your help in regards to getting some pedals.

    I am doing an Ironman distance triathlon in April and my friend recently just gave me an old pair of Time Ulteam Tri shoes to use (I have been training with clipped pedals). I am looking to get some pedals for the shoes but I am a little confused about the system here. I understand that mountain bike pedals and road cycling pedals use different systems for the cleating element, but I am trying to figure out if these Time All Road Pedals would work with the Ulteam shoes/cleats. The cleats on the Ulteams have a three prong approach, and while the reading I have done on the All Road Pedals emphasizes their versatility, I am afraid some of the lingo is over my head.

    The only reason I am considering these shoes is because they are the cheapest I can find that will be shipped to where I live (Japan) and money is very important as I am really trying to ball on a budget here.

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!


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    FWIW. While one would think that a TIME "Road" pedal would be compatible with a TIME Road shoe, when 'I' look at the picture of the particular pedal I have to tell you that I do NOT think the particular pedal & its cleat are compatible with the particular shoe because it appears to use the TIME MTB binding system and the particular pedal is apparently classified as as "Road" pedal because it only has the binding mechanism on ONE side whereas MTB pedals typically have the binding mechanism on both sides of the pedal..

    • The TIME MTB cleat design utilizes the Shimano SPD Two-hole (side-by-side) mounting system rather than the LOOK-based 3-hole (triangular) mounting system.

    Now, FYI, when I was first shown a TIME MTB pedal (which has the same "binding" as the particular pedal you inclueded the link to), I thought that it was an interesting in a clever way design; but, I already had pedals, so I didn't buy a pair.

    A couple of years later, I read comments (more, laments) that the specific binding design which facilitates shedding mud resulted in gouging of sole beneath the where the rear portion of the binding made contact with the sole. The belated solution was to provide a metal plate which would absorb the abrasion ... so, the problem was more-or-less resolved.

    Not to worry. There are several pedal-cleat combinations which will work with the shoes ...

    If budget is a consideration, then I recommend a LOOK/-compatible pedal which uses the OLDer (and, marginally larger) "Delta" cleats because you should be able to find a new pair for less than the cost of the particular TIME "Road" pedals.

    • The "generic" LOOK pedals will not have the extraneous-and-of-dubious-value adjustments that LOOK kept adding to their original series of pedals before they created the marginally smaller KEO series of pedals.

    There are other pedal-cleat options which will work with the TIME Road shoes, of course.
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    Cool shoes. Any modern road pedal that uses the triangular cleat bolt pattern developed by Look in 1984 will work. This will include Look Delta (old style) and Keo, Shimano SPD-road, Time RXS and iClic, and Speedplay X, Zero, and Light Action. While Speedplay cleats themselves uses a rectangular 4-bolt pattern, 3-bolt adapter plates are included. There are other pedals that will work, the most widely available being inexpensive Look Delta spin-offs available at Performance, Nashbar, and similar outlets.

    The All-Road pedal uses Time's ATAC mountain bike cleat, so it is not compatible with these shoes.