Torker CX - se good starter Uni? (noob question)

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    Hi everyone, just got interested in Uni's a little while ago, been
    watching some vids and checking them out online and stuff, I'm looking
    at buying a

    It's a 20" Torker CX-SE in green and black, but I was curious how the
    CX's stack up to the DX or LX ( I've heard people mention these but not

    And is this a good deal for the costs? I'm in Canada (ontario) and
    would have to pay shipping and probably insane taxes (unless I could
    persuade the seller to send it as a gift)

    so I suppose my question is, is this a good starter Uni? good costs?
    seat quality? etc? does any one else have suggestions on what to buy as
    a starter Uni? the Cheaper the better.

    Thanks a ton guys

    Take it easy.

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  2. I'd be careful trying to buy a unicycle from the US off ebay, some
    people have been nailed with crazy fees. You might get through OK, but
    it would be a chance you'd take.

    Check out and see if anything is in your price
    range. He's in Toronto and a unicycle from him might be cost less then
    one off ebay by the time it gets here. Call him up (or email) and see
    if he can set you up with a basic unicycle.

    If you decide to go the ebay route, I've heard the LX is defiantly
    worth the extra money compared to the CX.


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  3. tholub

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    The LX is definitely worth the slight bit extra as a starter unicycle.
    It has a better frame, better wheel, better pedals, and better seat.
    The CX is a throw-away unicycle; the LX will last you.

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  4. ntappin

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    Bedfords prices are pretty high so the best bet for a good starter
    without breaking the budget in Canada is probably to check out your
    local bike shops. Most won't have unicycles in stock but most should be
    able to order one for you which will save you lots of money on shipping
    and border fees. I would recommend if you have a choice when picking
    your unicycle that you get a unicycle with a squared off crown and if
    you have a choice in seats then get the best they have. If you do that
    then once you get better at unicycling you shouldn't have to replace
    everthing and it will remain a great freestyle.

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  7. Eroick

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    care to tell us what city you live in? some people might know a cycle
    shop that stocks unis near you.

    As far as seats go, lift handles are nice (thing to hold onto on the
    front of the seat). Make SURE that you are not getting a savage seat
    (look here:

    I dont know the CX or LX though.

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  8. chromizone

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    I'm out in Pickering, and recently found out that Bay Cycle carries
    Uni's but only two models, I'll take a gander next time I'm over there
    and come back with costs and model names etc, to see what you guys

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