Touring South America - looking for advice and partners


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Sep 24, 2004
I am planning on touring SA 10/2011 thru 2/2012, specifically interested in Alti Plano - Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and the rest is still to be decided. I already have a potential partner for some of the route, looking for more but mainly - adcive from experienced visitors.
Im planning a touring bike - road only (I already know what kind of roads expect me...), no camping gear - hostels.
in true Alti Plano you will get to 3000 metes + altitudes, which means temperatures are very hot during the day and VERY cold at night --- plus less oxygene to breath. At least in Chile distances in the north of the country are huge, you wont be able to ride from one city to the next looking for hostelling accomodation, maybe you can do so in interior roads and stopping on small villages you may find. If you head to Bolivia you will find gravel roads for sure. Expenses in Bolivia, Peru and Chile can be cheap ---- in that order. If you do transfers by airplane you need to pack your bike in the best possible way to avoid extra expenses from the airliners. Chile is rather safe but still allways keep a good eye on your gear, i would bring on some cadenas and padlocks, quite useful if you cannot sleep with your bike inside the room. Many roads will be flat on paper but you will find out they are not, you go up and down most of the time, something that is multiplied by the weight you are going to carry on your bike. You can also expect a windy climate. Finally remember that october through february is summer time in SA but not in Bolivia, there you will get the rainy season, its called the Bolivian Winter.
i would like to join trip on thru out entire south america preferably similar route
looking for same people like my self, i dont have much experience in long range bicycle rides, looking to join experienced folks,
i wonder, how much aproximately could cost such a enterprise, excluding aeroplane tickets, i mean food, acomodation, all other facilities and needs, and price for compulsory gear, wich i dont have yet?

thanks in advace

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