Uci official alerted others to police operations against hidden motors

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    Less than two months after Stade 2 claimed that thermal imaging cameras may have revealed hidden motor use in two Italian races, the French TV programme made bigger claims when it suggested a senior UCI official may have frustrated a police manoeuvre at last year’s Tour de France.

    Stade 2 has acquired emails from Barfield and Typhoon director Harry Gibbings, another Briton.

    One, sent at 12.37 CEST on July 11 of last year, appears to be an exchange between Barfield and Gibbings.

    “Hi,” the message reads. “Do you have a phone number I can all [sic] you on straight away, I’m sitting with French police who believe an engineer ‘Hungarian’ is visiting TDF today to sell a bike and visit teams, could this be your guy???”


    Read more http://cyclingtips.com/2016/06/hidd...used-of-alerting-others-to-police-operations/

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    It is unfortunate that most cyclists don't believe in themselves. They have become greedy only competing for trophies or money but don't care about the sport. Unless strict rules are introduced, cycling will never be the same again. Anybody who is found having a fixed motor on their bicycles should be jailed or fined heavily. Cyclists should not be allowed to compete with their own bikes, they are supposed to be supplied with bikes which are approved and only meant for competition.
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    I think I have a broader outlook. Having been raised a Catholic the Nuns were right there to teach you the difference between morals and attitude.

    Everyone will be greedy and over competitive at times. But if you have real morals you can control those.

    The idea of any kind of athletic endeavor is to show the height to which human performance can reach. But when you are throwing lots of money into people's faces it is easy for them to forget morals. That's one reason I have so much respect for Fast Freddie Rodriguez. When he saw that you could not be competitive in a peleton of drugged riders he quit. Better an honest loser than a dishonest winner.