Ullrich target of Italian doping probe

Sad stuff. I'm a big fan of Ullrich. I hope it turns out as sensationalism in the end.
Why does it make you sad Vo2 ppl make allegations all the time remember the saying

Innocent until proven guilty

They even investigate lance too,
I hope you are right Nicholas. I will hate to see a great athlete go down the wrong rode.
You dont have to test positive these days. You only need to go well and people think your on something.
???Why there are always allegations about the top cyclists I am not sure, but I do feel it causes undue stress and pressure on a rider until they are cleared. Sure drugs are unhealthy, unfair, and very often used, but that does not mean that every top class cyclist is a substance abuser. ???
La Gazzetta dello Sport has apologised to Jan Ullrich, who it claimed was in possession of insulin (banned in cycling) at the time of the Giro d'Italia raids last year.

The Italian sports paper published a story last Saturday stating that Ullrich, as well as his teammate Alberto Elli, were found in possession of the drug.

On Monday a retraction was published, stating that Ullrich's product was simply a substance that could be used "subject to restriction...We would like to apologize for the error to Ullrich, Telekom and German Tifosi."

Ullrich himself has claimed that the product, which was reported to be a corticosteroid, was for treatment of asthma. This is supported by Telekom doctor Lothar Heinrich, who said that Ullrich had permission to use it.

The Italian Olympic Committee will this week start its questioning of the riders, directors and soigneurs involved in the Giro blitz, with the hope of quickly determining whether any sporting sanctions will have to be put in place.

Taken from the sa cycling website.