Unispins on a Giraffe?

Discussion in 'rec.sport.unicycling' started by edsbelly, Feb 22, 2006.

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    hey there everyone.

    i am thinkin of puttin in with a friend to get a giraffe unicycle.

    from what i know, you can't do any tricks on a giraffe, i was wondering
    if anyone out there has tried doing unispins on a giraffe?




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    You can do lots of skills on a giraffe. Some skills on a giraffe are
    easier to do than on a standard unicycle while others are more
    difficult. You can do a lot more than just ride around forwards on a

    There is video of a unispin on a giraffe in my 'Monster gallery'
    (http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Monster). Scroll down to The Swedish
    Cycle Act video.

    Here's some 'giraffe skills from the new proposed levels system'

    Seat out on a giraffe is more difficult on a giraffe due to physics
    (there is some significant lever action going on that you don't have
    with a standard unicycle). You have to hold on to the seat really good
    cause it will try to rip from your grip.

    Other skills are easier on a giraffe cause the wheel is not in the way.
    Like cross-over riding (one foot riding with right foot on left pedal)
    and uni spins.

    Wheel walking on a standard giraffe is not practical but you can wheel
    walk on a stack style giraffe (three wheels stacked, no chain).


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    In theory, a unispin might be easier on a giraffe than a regular uni. In
    practice, I haven't had the nerve to try it.

    Seat in front on a giraffe does require you to hold the seat tightly,
    but I haven't found it to be difficult at all. Seat in back is much
    more difficult; I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Seat on side
    is easier than seat in back, but i have no idea how to ride out of it.

    Some other things you can do on a giraffe are:
    Ride backward seat in front.
    Ride one-footed and backward one-footed.
    Spins and pirouettes. (I pirouette better on my giraffe than on my
    regular unicycle.)
    Ride stomach on seat.
    Backspins and front spins.
    Idling and one-footed idling, with the free foot in various positions.
    Climb-up mount.
    Rolling mount.
    Frog mount. (You set the pedals level, jump as high as you can, and
    land sqautting on the pedals with the seat in front. It's scary, but

    If you like doing freestyle, a giraffe would probably be fun, but if
    you prefer street, trials, or MUni, it will probably get old fast.


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    chosen wrote:
    > i landed my first 540 unispin on a giraffe. i say go for it!

    me too, now I'm up to a 720 backcrankflip unispin.


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    wat giraffe do u think I should get if i get a knew one. I have an old
    shwinn my cousin gave me and it sucks. it ways like 30 pounds and is
    sooo diffucult to carry around and ride. thx.


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    mornish wrote:
    > wat giraffe do u think I should get if i get a knew one. I have an old
    > shwinn my cousin gave me and it sucks. it ways like 30 pounds and is
    > sooo diffucult to carry around and ride. thx.
    > Miles

    ill sell you mine real cheap. its beautiful.! pm me if youre interested
    or if anyones interested.



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