WBC to picket Norway funerals? WTF?!?!


New Member
Aug 5, 2011
I would be surprised if anyone has not heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. But I was reading news online and they are planning on flying to Norway to picket the funerals of those killed in the recent Norway murders. I'm just wondering to what extremes are these people willing to go to get themselves and their children hurt if not murdered? Sometimes I think the 1st amendment should have limitations. These are the same people who have picketed american soldiers funerals among other things. Anyone in Kansas want to put me up for a couple of weeks so I can plan and execute burning down their so-called church? hahahaha. jk. what is your opinion on these people, and please DON'T HOLD BACK!
I know I am bringing a zombie post back to life, but my opinion of them is that they need to be completely ignored, left off TV, etc. Without the coverage they have nothing. I have been a member of the Patriot Guard Riders for several years and have only run into the group once. They are very small and have almost no presence. Lack of TV coverage would make it even smaller.

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