What a bike!!



Check out the bike Rebellin will ride in 2002. A real beauty... What a paint job!

Very unique indeed. What do the Klein frames prefer: Campy or Shimano?
Interesting - I've not seen these new dropouts before. Looks like the rear der. hanger is too far back, to me, giving insufficient chain wrap, esp. around the smaller cogs. But it must be O.K., I assume, perhaps the tension wheel is set forward in the der. cage to compensate.

There appears to be a depression in the down tube, near the head tube. Looks like the cable is led into the dt, and maybe emerges near the bottom bracket. Very neat and tidy. Cheers.
:) Yes, brilliant painting but it looks like a "long" bike. How will this performs on a climb. Dont looks like a compact package. It seems that it will be soft on the road (the stretched drops and front fork)