What do these bike terms mean? Total cycling novice.

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Gary, Jan 23, 2003.

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  1. Gary

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    I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me to what the following things are. Also if you have any
    information about performance or reliability - let me know :)

    1:An "Alloy cross rigid" Frame.

    2:Rigid Cromo Fork

    3:Shimano Tiagra with Rapid Fire - Gears

    4:Alloy 52/42/30x175mm Chain

    5:Alloy 'V' type Brakes

    6:700c alloy double wall rims with quick release front & rear hub - Wheels

    7:Adjustable 'comfort' stem.



  2. definitions for almost any bicycle-related term you could want are available at

    as to your queries directly, I interpret them below.

    > ******************************************
    > 1:An "Alloy cross rigid" Frame.


    > 2:Rigid Cromo Fork

    Rigid, ie, not suspended. WAY preferable to a suspended fork, unless your commute takes you over
    boulders and shell-holes.

    (but in Kabul, they ride Flying Pigeons, which don't have springs, so...)

    Cromo, ie, constructed of Cr-Mo steel.

    > 3:Shimano Tiagra with Rapid Fire - Gears

    Rapid-fire, ie, indexed shifting system. Shift levers are triggers integrated into the brake levers.
    click one way, shift up. click another, shift down. nifty.

    > 4:Alloy 52/42/30x175mm Chain

    this has been cut off. last word should read 'chainset'. (which is a British usage). Front cranks
    have chainrings (cogs) having 52, 42, and 30 teeth, with arms measuring 175mm in length.

    > 5:Alloy 'V' type Brakes

    Direct-pull cantilever brakes. usually nice stopping power and modulation, easy disengagement for
    wheel changes should this be necessary.

    > 6:700c alloy double wall rims with quick release front & rear hub
    - Wheels

    700c: ERTO number for wheels measuring 622mm in circumference, usually found on road
    bicycles, hybrids.

    quick-release: levers allow wheel removal without tools. Somewhat of a misnomer now that bikes have
    legally-mandated 'positive wheel retention devices,' aka 'lawyer lips.'

    > 7:Adjustable 'comfort' stem.

    stem: handlebar/steerer extension enabling position of the handlebars forward of the steerer axis.
    the goose-neck looking bit of bike handlebars that connect with the fork.

    adjustable 'comfort stem': stem whose rise--ie angle of rise from the horizontal--is adjustable,
    by loosening a bolt and moving in 10-15 degree intervals. Be sure bolt is tight, otherwise you
    risk potentially dangerous flopping about. Or at very least a creak that will irritate the hell
    out of you.

    Guessing game time:

    You're looking at a hybrid bicycle.


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