Which bike should I get? and other questions

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    Hi, is paying 1500€ for a CUBE REACTION GTC PRO 27.5 too much? It comes with a manitou MARVEL TS AIR 27.5, RemoteLockout, 100mm fork, Groupset is a combination of SLX and XT parts, shimano DEORE hydraulic disc brakes 180/160, wheels: SunRingle RADIUM MA 27.5 is paying 1300€ for a CUBE LTD SL 27.5 too much? this one comes with a FOX 32 FLOAT CTD O/C, 100mm fork, groupset is a combination of XT and SLX, shimano DEORE M615, hydraulic disc brakes 180/160 and SunRingle RADIUM MA 27.5 wheels. Are 29'ers usually cheaper? I can get a CUBE LTD PRO 29 for 1100€. This one comes with a manitou MARVEL TS AIR 29, RemoteLockout, 100mm fork, groupset is a combination of XT and SLX parts, shimano DEORE M615 hydraulic disc brakes 180/160. Im 182 cm tall and my leg length is 81-82 cm. According to http://www.ebicycles.com/bicycle-tools/frame-sizer/mountain-bike/size-sheet?utf8=%E2%9C%93&u=cm&r=man&h=1820.0&i=820.0&b=Calculate I should get a 47cm mountain bike. But according to http://www.fahrrad-xxl.de/carver-pht-930 (there is a calculator on bottom of that page) I should get a 49 cm bike. Are things that different across the Atlantic? Im now in Europe. Double and triple butted aluminium, is that important? Carver, a German maker produces triple butted mountain bikes. All wheels are huge. Are those the only wheels I can use with a mountain bike? I would rather get 4 to 5 cm wide wheels. cheers