Women love expensive "worthless" gifts

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    'Worthless' gifts get the good girls
    a.. 13:21 27 July 2005
    b.. NewScientist.com news service
    c.. Anna Gosline
    Men who spend big money wining and dining their dates are not frittering
    away hard-earned cash. According to a pair of UK researchers, they are
    merely employing the best strategy for getting the girl without being taken
    for granted.

    Using mathematical modelling, Peter Sozou and Robert Seymour at University
    College London, UK, found that wooing girls with costly, but essentially
    worthless gifts - such as theatre tickets or expensive dinners out - is a
    winning courtship strategy for both sexes.

    Females can assess how serious or committed a male plans to be and males can
    ensure they are not just seducing 'gold-diggers' - girls who take valuable
    presents with no intention of accepting subsequent dates.

    Sozou came about the idea after reading about a man in his local newspaper.
    The man had been paying the rent of a woman he considered was his
    girlfriend - he was giving her a valuable gift. But she had been heartlessly
    manipulating him, dating another man on the sly while accepting money from
    her unwitting sugar daddy.

    "It spurred me onto thinking that if he had just been buying her expensive
    dinners, and not paying her rent, she wouldn't have strung him along so
    much," says Sozou.

    Dating and mating
    So he and Seymour built a model based on a series of dating decisions. In
    the model males had to decide what kind of gift to offer females - valuable,
    extravagant or cheap - based on how attractive he finds her. The females had
    to either accept or decline the gift and then decide whether to mate with
    the gift-giver - a decision also weighted on the 'attractiveness' of their
    prospective partner.

    When they measured the different outcomes of all the steps, they found the
    best solution for the males was to give extravagant, but intrinsically
    value-free gifts the vast majority of the time, while giving gifts of
    material value very occasionally.

    The model showed that if males gave valuable gifts too often, the females
    would start to exploit them: the males have no clue as to the females' real
    intentions in the model. Put simply, the females just take the diamonds and
    run. But when the gifts are worthless, an uninterested female has little
    incentive to accept, gaining no return on what could be just turn into the
    simple waste of an evening. Only girls who are serious would bother to go
    the distance.

    Worthless balls
    Sozou and Seymour believe their conclusions about people find support in the
    actions of animals, such as the dance fly. Males of this species give
    worthless cotton balls to entice partners into mating - and they work -
    although other scientists interpret this as male trickery.

    Alison Lenton, a social psychologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK,
    questions some of the model's assumptions, however. For example, one
    assumption is that females obtain a negative outcome for accepting an
    unattractive, though committed, male. Women have been shown to prioritise
    traits associated with good parental care above physical attractiveness, she

    The model also fails to take the potential effects of cheating females into
    account. "Some female birds raise their chicks with a 'nice' male and engage
    in short-term copulations with an attractive male - there is similar
    evidence among humans. In this way, females may get the best of both

    And what is more, says Lenton, psychologists have found that experiential
    purchases - like theatre tickets - make people more happy in the long run
    that material purchases. "I do not necessarily agree that theatre tickets
    are 'worthless'," she says.

    Journal reference: Proceedings of the Royal Society B (DOI:

  2. >'Worthless' gifts get the good girls>

    I always give my girls all of "me", and it always gets 'em.
    Oh wait a minute, nevermind...
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    > >'Worthless' gifts get the good girls>

    > I always give my girls all of "me", and it always gets 'em.
    > Oh wait a minute, nevermind...

    Dont you mean you give your boys....all of you....and they reject every bit