You can run...but you cannot hide!


Aug 11, 2001
[rant]To the monkey that got my e-mail addy from this site and then decided to SPAM me with all sorts of cuk, I have this to say:

Never unsheathe a sword if you are not prepared to draw are on borrowed time, buddy... [/rant] :mad:
I just noticed Outlook Express 6 has a Ignore User function to ignor mail from selected users. ;D ;D
I take it you reported the f#$%r to his ISP?

Where you able to get his IP from the email headers?

Reporting his ISP to spamcop is a good start ;D nothing like a few 1,000 angery customers who can't send email ;D ;D ;D

one last question, do you know if it was a member here? theres nothing like abit of a public flogging! hehe ;D
BTW we had some frog **** from france take down this server on the 10 July for about 8 hours  :mad: the slimy ***** also had a go at a few others, but wasnt bright enough to know how to repete his efforts.

PS ...... thats why this site was down from 0.09 through to 9am EST the other day  :mad:
Ever wanted to see what a frog looks like in cyber space?


He zapped my webmail account, which has no real SPAM protection. I've got all his details... ;D I don't think his ISP will be of any help, as it's a Hotmail and CS account, so I'll just bide my time.

RE. the script kiddie that took the server down - send an e-mail to [email protected] and give them the details.
Contact me off-line if you want the URL of a really offensive image to send back to him. Unfortunately I don't know the HTML prompts for encrypting an image into the text, but sending it as an attachment usually does the trick. I don't get too many repeat spammers. :D

Of course, another good trick is an image along the lines of This is an automated response. The address you have attempted to contact is no longer valid, if you wish to contact this person, please obtain the correct address from (insert offensive URL here).

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