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I've started listening to mellow stuff when I'm on the bikebiggrin.gif


The 1990's techno stuff has been replaced by 1970's instrumental stuff like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXoevHyOF_o

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Originally Posted by limerickman View Post

I've started listening to mellow stuff when I'm on the bikebiggrin.gif


The techno stuff has been replaced by 1970's instrumental stuff like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXoevHyOF_o


May I recommend this?...


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Originally Posted by Chavez View Post



May I recommend this?...



Thanks Chavez! That's a pretty mellow sound for sure.


I must be getting old listening to 1970's instrumental stuff, Van McCoybiggrin.gif

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i just made a playlist for my ride to school tomorrow:


Echo and the Bunnymen- The Killing Moon
Muse- Time is Running Out
Radiohead- No Surprises
Belle and Sebastian- Electronic Renaissance
Misfits- Saturday Night
Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Jesus and Mary Chain- Taste of Cindy
Cocteau Twins- Lorelei
Arcade Fire- The Well and the Lighthouse
Built to Spill- Else

Pains of Being Pure at Heart- This Love is Fucking Right

Galaxie 500- Temperature's Rising
The Brian Jonestown Massacre- (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six

M83- Farewell/Goodbye

Pavement- Grave Architecture
Muse- Starlight

The Church- Under The Milky Way

the playlist is kind of random but it has a semi-somber vibe to it. it's exactly what i feel like cycling to lately. 

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Originally Posted by alienator View Post

Your tests don't seem like they were really objective. After all, a human being isn't a very good sensor, and as a sensor a human is vulnerable to all manor of bias from other factors: fatigue, hydration, mental state, state of rest,.......... Also, it's not solely a matter of hearing the traffic coming, it's a matter also of the decrease in attention caused by the mental engagement of the listener with whatever is playing in their ears. There is a very good reason why riding with headphones or ear pieces is illegal in a number of states, and that reason is that the results of objective tests don't back up the results from your tests and the beliefs of some riders.
It's time to get off the bike if someone doesn't have the attention span to ride a bike without listening to music.

I never would suggest my tests were scientific. I merely checked the time that I could hear a car versus how long it took to get to me and every time was over a minute (with the current levels of fatigue, hydration, mental state, etc) -- at least a mile behind me. If I felt especially fatigued or unable to concentrate, I wouldn't have listened to music or audio books. I also know that I don't pay attention to music and other things that I listen to. My primary focus was riding my bicycle and I payed attention to the road and listening for cars. I can't listen to podcasts unless I give them my full attention or I get nothing out of them. I can accidentally listen to a song on single repeat for over an hour before I notice if I am doing something else. So with the time between when I'd hear a car and my ability to tune out things on the radio taken together, I felt comfortable wearing a single earbud. I would never wear dual earbuds.


I would never listen to music or other things while riding in traffic like in a city or heavily driven road. But in Kansas where I could see the cars coming for miles and could hear them for over a minute, and they were only coming by about 5-10 cars/trucks per hour, often with a decent sized shoulder, I felt comfortable. On the GAP and C&O which is a bike path and I didn't see any other people most days, I felt comfortable listening to audio books. When I got near Washington DC and there were loads of other runners and cyclists to contend with, I didn't listen to music. 


I would say that listening to music while biking under certain conditions is no worse than people listening to their radio while driving a car as a simple distraction from monotony. 

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Listening to Highway to Hell by ACDC


And riding the bike it feels great

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I have a small Sony phone that I use for gps tracking with Micoach. It also has a playlist setting for music.

I carry it on the strap of my camelback on my shoulder and so I can pretty much hear the music playing from the speaker without needing to be too loud.

I like it especially when I'm alone on long rides with nothing but landscape.
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I have pretty much stopped riding in the suburban area where I live as it has gotten extremely dangerous with the idiot drivers around here. Now I transport my bike out to the fairly rural areas and trails. I would  not even think of listening to music out there as I go there to get away from all of the noise for awhile. However, in inclement weather I will pedal on the trainer and I do listen to music because my basement is uber boring. The music I favor is a little off-beat for a white Anglo-Saxon person. I have developed a passion for J-pop and Mando Pop music with my favorite being Alan Dawa Dolma. I understand enough Japanese and Mandarin to understand what the songs are about but not quite enough to pick up on every nuance in the them. But I tend to ignore the words and just consider the voice to be just another instrument. To each their own and this works for me.

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I'm a fan of some of these Christian metal bands like Demon Hunter, Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, and maybe a bit of rock/rap like KJ-5*2. However I listen mostly at work and very little on the bike. It makes cars hard to hear.
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