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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Katherine, May 11, 2005.

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    Chris Street wrote:

    > Went for a little jaunt up Great Whernside after work.
    > Provided some amusment for a familiy out walking their dog. I'd spotted a
    > llama sticking it's head by one of the fences and so spent five minutes
    > sneaking up on it.
    > Ten yards away the awful truth dawned - it was a fence post with a snag of
    > fleece collected at the back - the way the post was shaped at the end
    > looked just like a llama. I then realised that I'd only seen llama's ona
    > farm in the Peaks, not the Dales.
    > Gathering the remaining somewhat tattered shreds of dignity around me I
    > turned round, tripped over a tussock and faceplanted a bog.
    > At least the little kid had a good time judging from the string of laughter
    > I heard as I squelched my way grimly on up the fellside....

    I got a real laugh out of this. Almost as good as Cold Feet.




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