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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by al Mossah, Apr 12, 2007.

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    On 12 Apr, 13:02, Tim Hall <> wrote:


    a fast bird flying along at nought
    > feet, hugging the ground profile. I was doing about 25km/h and it was
    > going faster than me and then it whizzed over a hedge. Dead sure it
    > was a bird of prey of some sort - either a kestrel or (hopefully) a
    > sparrow hawk.

    Sounds like a sparrowhawk. I once followed one along the country lane
    for about half a mile; every time I turned a corner, I saw it in the
    distance, seemingly flying very low but not that fast; either that, or
    every time it went around the corner from me it stopped to let me
    catch up a bit.

    Buzzards! Surprised one of those the other day as I came around a
    corner. It had a similar affect on me.

    And a couple of weeks ago I saw what looked like a buzzard, but seemed
    to have a blueish grey head with perhaps slightly longer wings. I
    wondered about a harrier, but the pictures didn't seem to match. Also
    there was no jet noise.



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