6 day racing


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Aug 12, 2001
Has anyone been to any european 6 day races like Six Days of Stuttgart?

check this out if you dont know what i'm talking about Six Days of Stuttgart

I think they are something that should be on everyones list of must-see cycling events?

We think alike. I have never been to a "six" but would love to. I imagine that the atmosphere must be very unique.

I have been to some big indoor track and field meets and there is a certain fair-like feel.

So, yeah, if you've been to one give us the low-down.
I've been to the SIX of Ghent a couple of times to watch some of my training mates ride.

Well it's a special event the atmosphere is special. Best days are when they are sold out the all the 2000-5000 seats with people cheering gives a special feeling.
Rules and the system aren't that easy but you see lots of people enjoying it while the understand little or nothing from whats happening.

Best events are madison and derny races.

I also went to the Worlds in 2001.

Last day: This wasn't that much as experience from in the crowd as the capacity is 25000people or something over there and there where only 5000 so the place looked awfully empty which had its effect on the atmosphere.

First day: Was a lot better but this is because I was organizing one of the parts of the opening ceremony. Which gives you special benefits. I got a pass for the business seats who are more comfortable. But most of the time I was on the infield where al the country's have there space. This is actually a restricted area only meant for member of national teams but when you know security people and system it wasn't that difficult to get in it. If found this a better place to watch the 1k TT. Infield is also teh place to be if you want to meat the celebs(If you like this, I personally find this of little or no importance) But to get in you have to know the drill to keep low profile or to know people and some luck of course.

Wanna know something specific just ask.