Advice on replacing Specialized Globe Vienna 1 ladies


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Dec 14, 2013
Hi, Looking for some advice :) About 2 yrs ago I bought a nearly new Specialized Globe Vienna 1 stepthrough from my lbs. I loved it. Last week some asshole nicked it and i've been looking for a replacement. I have no idea what size the stolen bike was, but it fitted me well--though i do recall having to get the saddle lowered so much they needed to remove the reflector underneath it. However, it fitted and was lovely. I've been on the lookout for a new bike and after a fruitlesa search today I went to another lbs and the guy there recommended a 15" ridgeback nova. He had to lower the seat quite a bit because at 5'4" i have pretty short pins and said that he'd also move the seat back as much as he could. He was very enthusiastic so i assumed the bike must hqve been a great fit for me but after collecting ot and actually starting to cycle it home, it felt all wrong. The seat is the right height but somehow the bike is also too small for my legs--they don't get anything close to straight and i feel like i'm on a clown bike. The bike also feels flimsier than the Vienna and kind of wobbly. I think it has narrower tyres, too, because the ride was quite a bit bumpier than I'm used to. Additionally i had it in the highest gear (same setting as i almost always used on my old bike) and it just felt weird--and like the ride was too easy. I rang them when i was halfway home, just as they were shutting, and they seemed quite miffed at my concerns. I recognise that perhaps i could have checked more thoroughly myself before saying yes, but i'm quite ignorant about bikes so was relying on their expertise. They've said if i take it back on Monday morning (when theyre next open) they might be able to exchange it... But now i'm totally confused! I don't undertand how the bike could simultaneously fit and yet not fit my leg length and i really don't know what i'm doing when it comes to bikes. My guess that i'm now stuck with buying somethig from this shop rather than getting a refund and I don't know what to do or where I went wrong. For extra information, i need the bike for commuting and general travel (50ish miles a week). Any advice would be very much appreciated!
The Globe Vienna was positioned somewhere between Specialized's lighter and more sporty Sirrus (and ladies' Vita) series and the rather pedestrian comfort-oriented Globe Carmel. I liked the Vienna a lot, but Specialized doesn't make it anymore.

For a suitable replacement, I advise taking one step in the sporty direction and trying a Vita, or if there's a Trek store in your neighborhood, an FX 7.1 or 7.2. Similar bikes are also made by Giant, Cannondale, Jamis, Felt, etc. They're all good.