Another Front Derailleur Problem


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Apr 17, 2005

My problem is that it takes 2 or 3 tries for the jump to the big ring to take. Similarly for the half click on the small ring.

When I push the lever, the chain guide (or whatever its official name is) moves, but then when I let the lever go, it moves back taking the chain with it. Usually on the second attempt, it moves over and locks in place so the chain stays on the big ring.

Any thoughts on what's up, and what I do to fix it. I've taken it into more than one LBS, and while they are happy to take my money, they don't get it right. I'm giving up on them, and I think it's time I tried to fix it myself.

Any thoughts are most welcome. Thank-you.
What is the component brand? Shimanos dont offer as much front shift index as Campagnolos and thus more prone to this problem. Your LBS is lazy.

Here's waht you should do.
1) Remove the chain on any of the chinrings (let it fall loose).
2) (if its shimano) press the small lever until the front der (FD) stops moving inward (toward the seat tube).
3) Release the cable retention bolt (the one that holds the cable) on the FD.
4) In the FD there are 2 small screws that control the limit of travel the FD will do. One screw will stop the FD from travelling anyfurther inwards (toward the seat tube) and another screw limits the travel outwards.

5) When you rotate the screw that control inward travel you will notice the derailer moving inward (when you rotate the screw counter clockwise) and vise versa. Tweak this screw until the FD is centered on the small chainring when viewed from the back.
6) Next is to tweak the other screw, the one that controls FD movement outwards. Because you've release the shift cable try pushing with your hand the FD going outwards. While still pushing outwards try to rotate the screw that controls the outward travel until the deralier is centered on the big chainring.
7) Release your push on the FD.
8) Check the cable barrel adjuster thats mounted near the head tube where the front cable goes thru. Rotating this will move the barrel adjuster up or down. Rotate until it is fully down then rotate 3-4 revolutions so that it goes out.

9) Going back to the cable where it meets the FD, pull this with pliers and mount it on the retention bolt making sure it is fully tentioned and then tighten bolt.
10) remount chain on the crankset and test shifting.

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