Another young pro cyclist suffers night heart attack

Ever hear of a doctor named Eufemiano Fuentes? Or Operation Puerto? Among Fuentes' clients were players from Real Madrid and Barcelona FC. He is also claimed to have assisted those clubs with "seasonal preparation plans".

Recently another doping story broke about players/teams in the English Premier League.

Soccer players play 45 minute halves, continually running in bursts, with few if any substitutions. Do you really think that they can't benefit from a few extra red blood cells carrying oxygen to their muscles?

Yes, operation Puerto had many cyclists on the list. Not many athletes from other sports were directly linked to Fuentes though. Legally there is nothing wrong when they find your blood in the freezer of a doctor. That's what I think was the main issue. The Spanish really missed an opportunity to do a clean sweep but it probably would have wiped out half their professional athletes competing on the highest levels.

I live in Europe and follow soccer and cycling non stop. I played soccer on a decent level as well. You can absolutely play one match a week on the professional level without any dope. Burst sprints are often followed by rests, it's very easy to train this. And on average a soccer player runs 9-11 KM (5,5 - 6,5 miles) per match. This is not that much in 90 minutes. We would often have fitness tests and many of my team mates (and me) were often on the same level as the average pro player. Where it gets funny is the amount of matches the high level professionals play. It's near impossible to play a match every 3-4 days (or 50+ a season). That is where I believe they use substances that are either in the gray area or on the doping list; in order to speed up the recovery process. They have to watch out though, these days they test a few players every single match. Even on the level I played a few years ago they test.
Well that is scary, and it just goes to show you the dangers of PED use and what can come from it. I am not familiar with this particular cyclist or the story but from what I read from the other users it sounds like this is a long list of people who have had medical issues in this sport as of late, and I think it is represented throughout all the sports to be honest, which is really a shame. I hope that the governing organizations really take this issue seriously.
It's really sad. Soon after I completed high school, I started hearing about former class mates who would suffer from heart attacks, one of them even died. What was common with these guys is that they were the biggest fitness fanatics when they were in school. It seems this is what happens to you if you burn the candle at both ends, a bit of moderation is essential no matter how fit or healthy you think you are.

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