Anyone for a Mountain bike ride?



I'd go but I have some stuff to do around the house :'( :eek: 8)

Saw her interviewed on TV a few weeks ago, WOW what babe ;D

In that outfit? seems like there might be some safety issues (though her legs are well shaved, so at least the abrasions should heal quickly) which could slow down the typical gung ho mtb'er.

Nevertheless, would be interested to see the race 8)

I certainly wouldn't wear those shoes - and I wouldn't be caught DEAD without a helmet.

I think she would look better in a skinsuit tho. Well, better than Serina Williams looks like in one anyway.
I think she would look better in a skinsuit tho. Well, better than  Serina Williams looks like in one anyway.

I missed that, but I heard she (it?) looked pretty funy ;D man arms on a fat chick don't do much for me ;D
Altho Serina is a fine athlete, she doesn't have the bod that fits a skinsuit. Her bum is waaaaay too big. Hingis, little Anna or Marie Pierce, now thats a different story.
We're all behind you MTBChck, especially if you look like that and can ride even better. Actually, I'm **** on my MTB, so I'd probably be behind you anyway. Is that an actual rider or just a model? Either she never falls, or never rides. I personally think the latter.

OK, I checked out her site. I take that back. Where do I ride if I want to meet her.
OK, I checked out her site.  I take that back.  Where do I ride if I want to meet her.
while not quite her, there were some fine babes at the track yesterday. And I've seen many others on race day.

There was a gorgeous little lass wearing a white and blue Deutsche Bank outfit. I hope she'll be there this afternoon. sigh ;D
Tch Tch people, these lasses are out their training as hard as you and we don't want to chase them away with our lascivious looks...

Oh, and the gorilla cycling around the track on an old MTB that you have passed three times already because he's carrying too much muscle to average more than 15kph is probably her minder and will tear your head off...

And no, I do not go to spinning classes because occasionally good looking girls frequent the places.... Not me... Never....
Hmm, actually I guess the gorilla is more likely to be along the lines of a pet than a minder?
See, that's why you have a training partner. He does the intial hit by giving her a puncture. (The amateur) Her "bodyguard" then chases this fellow, (ie, my training partner who by the way is very fast, and very fit) around the track. Enter the Rat, tan tan taaaaaaaa, who helps this damsel in distress by assisting her with her flat tyre. (The Pro)
While she's not looking, twist the valve on her spare tube and say that she has to walk all the way back to the start. Offer to push her bike for her. (The master) ;D
Hmm, let me see, a friend of mine had a puncture on the track last week.... Not any of your work was it LR? Though I do remember her having to walk most of the way back with a friend and not a slavering stranger ;)
Ha hA, no I wasn't even the one walking her back, I just waved as I cycled past...

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