Are you riding in Around the Bay? October 2009

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    TeamMONASH - Are you a Monash Student, Graduate or Staff?
    Last year TeamMONASH took out the inaugural University Shield
    and Highest Fundraising ‘University/School’ Team award in
    Around the Bay in a Day

    TeamMONASH Rides Again in 09! We are back, planning to be bigger
    and better in defense of these titles and all Monash Students,
    Graduates, Staff , Family & Friends are invited to join us

    So if you want to be part of 'the team' have some real fun and
    experience some genuine camaraderie TeamMONASH is for you.

    By following the steps to register as a participant or volunteer
    of TeamMONASH™ you automatically become eligible for a range
    of benefits.

    So as in past years, we invite you to share your participation
    in any of the Around the Bay distances with us, show your
    commitment to the Smith Family fund raising challenge and
    experience the sense of belonging and connection in the
    Monash Community.

    Interested? For more information see our web page

    Monash University participates in a number of community fitness
    events to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle check out
    the other community events via the Monash web site.

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    As far as I am concerned the ATB ride is a farken disgrace and I am sick of it.

    It is a complete nuisance to the rest of the population and raises money for an organisation I am not sure is all that productive. As far I can tell BV is a self serving organisation and goes along with whichever way the political breeze is blowing.

    As pointed out by others around here they dont represent serious road cyclists (although I guess they may encourage new people to the sport so that is a slight positive).

    The treatment of the Smith Family is also a farken disgrace. Almost to the point whereby it is an abuse of that charities good name.

    If I was a part of CSV and/or CA I would attack BV at every opportunity. They are dickheads.

    As far as I am concerned commuting cyclists do not need a peak body. If there is any issue relating to road cycling of any nature then it goes through CA and CSV. I dont particularly like CSV either but have far more respect for them than BV.

    In fact if you are going to block off every road around Melbourne for a day at least run a State Open Race before the dickwads get let loose crashing all over the place.

    We will donate all entry fees to the Smith Family to show you how to treat charities with respect. (I'm not in charge but I would do it)

    The end.

    p.s As a Monash graduate you wouldnt catch me dead joining 'the team'. Still, I will give you the benefit of the doubt by assuming your enthusiasm for being 'the team' is completely about raising money for a worthy charity (and I wish you luck) as opposed to just raising awareness for your own institution......
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    Hi Geoff,

    Let me reassue you that TeamMONASH participates
    for the benefit of the The Smith Family charity.
    TeamMONASH gets involved in a number of
    events (Runs, Walks and Swims) for a range of

    The benefit to the University is in promoting a
    sense of community across a large dispersed

    Mass participation events such as this have been
    identified by research such as the Cycling Promotion
    Fund (CPF) "Get Australia Moving" report as a
    strategy to encourage infrequent and novice
    riders to cycle in a supportive social environment.

    So if you think the charity is worthy feel free to
    get behind us via sponsorship