Beach cruiser bicycles


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Mar 4, 2016
Are there any avid Beach Cruisers our there? This past summer my wife and I purchased 2 single speed beach cruisers and have never been happier. Our favorite thing to do is wake up before sun rise and cruise on out to a point which overlooks the ocean bay and watch the sun rise. Does anyone have good Beach Cruising story's they would like to share?
I would love to do that beach cruising you are doing especially in the early morning. But we live in the city and the only hospitable place to ride here is the park in the village. Metro Manila is so crowded and traffic jams are common in the roads. However, I had experienced a tour in the province where there was no traffic and it looks like there are more bikes than vehicles. With the ocean as the ubiquitous vista, it was a great pleasure for a rider.
You're right Beach Cruising is definitely for pleasure riding. I wouldn't suggest using a single speed bike in a metro area unless it's flat. I worked in NYC for numerous years and you will be out of place cruising down 6th ave on a beach cruiser, ha-ha. Corzhens, if you ever go on vacation to a coastal area then I suggest trying it out.
I really wish that I lived in a place where I could even consider owning or using a beach cruiser bike, but alas I am doomed to my landlocked little area. I should pause though, because I cannot take for granted the woods and the hills that we have around here, because it is beautiful it its own right, but sometimes I could really use a beach to look at, and ride along.
I borrow a neat beach cruiser everytime I go to a sea beach during vacations.And truly it is very pleasant to wake up before sun rise and cruise on out to a point which overlooks the ocean bay and watch the sun rise! Once I sprinted across a dock and jumped directly into the water. Those wild days, heh.
A lot of bikers in our country really enjoying that specially the view in manila bay in our country. Group of bikers from other places usually gather every Sunday morning to enjoy the sunset and do some activity. I also wanted to enjoy the bay view but I'm not usually bring my bike to the city.
Beach cruiser bikes are only good on, well just as it's name implies, on or near beaches and coastlines wherever there's flat terrain. It's for leisure riding and with its special balloon tires and swept back handle bars it's made for comfort and leisure riding.
I borrowed a beach cruiser from a friend and rode it up a hill and was reminded of the effort it took me to ride a single speed mountain bike up a hill when I was a young boy.

It is hard but possible to ride a mile going up.