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Need to get short term insurance for my racing bicycle in South Africa. Any experiences with reputable companies ?  ???  Pricing, experiences with claims processing, is it plain bicycle cover or does it also cover your equipment during racing / training ? Please let me know what I need to look out for / avoid.
My bicycle is insured with Cyclesure. They cover the bicycle as well as all specified equipment against loss or damages while training or racing. They now also have some medical insurance if one should be injured while cycling.

I crashed earlier this year in a race. I took my bike to Cyclelab for a quote to repair (R2800). They faxed the quote to Cyclesure and the claim was approved about half an hour later.

They paid Cyclelab directly, so I only paid the excess of R250 when I collected the bike.

I have no experience with any other company, but I am very satisfied with the service I received from Cyclesure.
Hi. This company appears to cater well for racing cyclists. I wonder if they also consider the average commuter cyclist or weekend recreational cyclist?  There is no phone number given for the Australian office.  I've often thought of insuring my bikes, but it generally is handled by an extension of house insurance - which doesn't cover bikes and bodies on the road.Thanks.
Willie, I think Cyclesure caters only for the SA cyclist?
Re: Cyclesure.
Their website gives an Australian address, Blairgowrie, south of Melbourne.  It does seem to cater especially for racers. I shall ask some collector chaps what they do about insuring their bikes. Thanks.
Ha ha ha !!! Is there egg on my face?  Didn't know you had a Blairgowrie over there. My apologies. At least this thread has served to motivate me into acquiring some insurance. Thanks.
Hi guys

My bicycle is covered by Santam for R15000 and monthly premuim of R107. Last monday my luck ran out and my front wheel burst while hitting a rock. I crashed and the quote was R12300. Both sti's broke off, bent my cad 3 frame , bent the headset and handle bars and one shoe was ripped. So, the shop could not find a cad3 frame in my size and had to quote for a cad4. Santam was informed about this and they approve
they claim and I'm now a proud owner of a nearly new cad4 cannondale. This whole process took 3 days and had my bike back on Friday. My body is still sore and the marks is starting to heel, but I did a 87km on Saturday and a 110km on Sunday. Must also mentioned that this bicycle is part of my house cover but spesified seperatly. This is what I called "service". ;D
Now that's good news! From experience, insurance companies usually have allsorts of excuses when it's time to pay-out. I've had hefty fights with many of them.

btw: pothole, i like your name!
Hi guys : I did almost 2000km on this new cad4 C/Dale and cant find any improvement on the cad3. Maybe it's because I had a good relationship with that babe. What I want to tell you is : for the price difference off the cad3 and cad4 - it's not worth it - especially in South Africa. The cad3 frame was quoted just under R4800 and the cad4, something in the region of R8500. Dont waste your money. There is basicly no difference. :eek:
I ride a CAD3, i've never found myself wishing I had a better frame.....its more like i wish I had the legs, lungs and heart to match it ;D


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