Tires/Disc Brakes for Jet-powered Cruiser Bicycle


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Oct 12, 2022

This is an odd project, but I decided reaching out to the online cycling community would be best.

Thank you for looking and I appreciate any input I can get. If you know of a better place to post this, please let me know.

I've recently put together a turbine jet powered bicycle, which is little more than a 70lb thrust turbine mated to a completely stock Reid Ladies 7 speed bicycle. (If you're wondering why I chose a pretty pink women's bicycle for this project's base, please take a moment to imagine the sense of humor belonging to a person who would put a jet engine on a bicycle in the first place.) Despite being familiar with turbines, I know very little about bicycles and would like some input on the topic of disc brakes and aftermarket wheels/tires.


The point of the bicycle is just to be humorous application of technology. I'm not really interested in any top speed attempts. I would, however, like to make the bike somewhat safer at elevated speeds.

I've only done a few low power/speed tests, and as expected the caliper brakes are woefully inadequate despite making an effort not to ride the brakes and giving myself plenty of distance to bleed-off energy before using them.

* I'd like to see hear about my options with aftermarket disc brakes--which I think may be the best option.

* I'd also like to know if there are any options for more robust tires/rims to better support my weight and the weight of the engine/fuel.

* I am aware that this project carries with it considerable risk, but I've taken steps to mitigate much of it. I'm also aware that the bicycle's basic design is a major limiting factor here.

Thank you for any feedback you can provide.


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I think your best option is to buy a new pink ladies bike with disc brakes already in it. Preferably, one that will accept wide 2" tires so this is probably going to be a cruiser or commuter bike. Something in the ~$2000 price range brand new.

Your best option for tires are slick mountain bike tires 29 x 2" You need those wide tires because at elevated speeds, you have bigger chance of getting pinch flats hitting bumps at higher speed and pinch flatting at higher speed is incredibly dangerous.

I'd like to try a bike like that. I only weigh 116 lbs. I imagine with that 70 lbs thrust, I'd accelerate twice as fast as a jet airliner!:D