big problem that many off-road riders have

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  1. A big problem that many off-road riders have is simply
    that they don't look far enough ahead while they are riding.
    Even if you have tons of experience you will probably still benefit
    from constantly telling yourself to look farther up
    the trail.I'm sure it has happened to all of us.Things start
    to get technical with rocks, wet roots and other nasties
    threaten to yank away our front wheel. To try to keep this
    from happening we focus on what is just in front of our wheel.
    It works, we manage to stay upright, but we're not going as
    fast as we could.We're fighting the trail, never really ready
    for what's coming next and just not able to get on top of
    things, to get a good rhythm going.

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    I agree....

    although it could also be your brakes failing.... (from first hand experience).... I was looking ahead as well, I saw what was coming :)