Bike Box required for aircraft travel

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by sergen, Jul 21, 2009.

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    I'm heading over to France in a few months with my carbon road bike and need a sturdy bike suitcase that can withstand the punishment of careless airport baggage handlers. My requirements are;

    - Must be extremely sturdy and hard
    - able to fit frame, wheels and everything else INSIDE the shell
    - must take into account my dreadful knowledge of bicycle assembly!

    I'm dreadful when it comes to bike mechanics. Basically I can remove wheels, unscrew pedals, unscrew the bolts on the stem to make the handlebars fit inside - and that's about it! I wouldn't have a clue touching the rear derailleurs or the brakes. It's quite pathetic as I use my LBS to do almost everthing for me. So I really need a case that is big enough for me to do the bare minimum in terms of dis-assembling the bike.


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    Trico Ironcase or this-

    Team Bike Case
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    CRATE WORKS has a suitable container ...

    Remember, you will probably pay a surcharge to have your airline transport it or any other container you use ... both to and fro.

    You will, of course, need to pack some tools regardless of the container you use ... whether you pack them with the bike [don't let them bounce around inside the container ... bubble wrap your tools] OR in your carry-on is up to you

    Dont forget to pack your pump + tire repair kit & extra tube and maybe an extra tire.
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    There are plenty of hard shell bike cases for sale.
    I bought mine 4 years ago and never had a problem with it.

    You do need to remove wheels (and remember to deflate the tyres!), remove the pedals, unbolt the handle bar/stem, empty water bottles!.
    Suggest that you also purchase/procure plenty of shrink wrap or other filler in order to "packout" the empty parts of your bike case and to minimise movement of the frame/wheels/pedals during transit.

    I bought one of these
    Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor

    One other thing is that you may be asked at the airport about the pump.

    If the pump you have is of a certain type - they will not allow you pack it in the case with your bike (depending on the pump type).
    I use an old fashioned pump : so there was no problem.
    Check with the airport before you pack your bike to see if you need to bring your pump separately.