Blackburn Voyager 4 LED Front Light



Hi - has anyone experienced a problem with the mounting bracket of
Blackburn Voyager 4.0 LED Front Light. I have received two units from
Wiggle, the second was a replacement for the first. Both brackets
snapped when out cycling. One snapped on the first outing and the
second one after about an hours riding. I have contacted Blackburn to
say that I suspect this is a design fault but have not received a
reply from them so I can only assume this is correct. As a bit of
background for you, they snapped on a road bike and my advice would
to steer clear of this light until the manufacturer can prove
otherwise. In my experience the light was very dangerous, the bracket
snapping when cycling (in the dark obviously) and then falling into my
front wheel. Anyone else using them and can offer any further info
ps - it seems my first post which was identical to this one was
removed from this group which doesn't help matters does it especially
as other users responded to say that they had experienced the same
problem with this Blackburn light.