Can I break a new Dura Ace 7800 10 Speed chain more than once?

Patrick Gilmour

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Feb 18, 2012

I have a new chain on my bike: Shimano Bike Dura Ace Cn-7801 Narrow 10 Speed

It's got about 300 miles on it, not more.

I've been running an Ultegra FD-6700 but just got a great deal on a Dura Ace FD-7900 (to match my shifters) so I want to swap them out.

The FD-7900 has a screw so it's easy to install but the FD-6700 is riveted closed - means I've got to break the new chain, I guess.

I have the pin and tool to break and relink, but I'm worried that a chain should only be broken once. Will I be weakening the chain if I break it again to do this install? Should I avoid doing this?

Thanks for any thoughts.

No problem. A connecting pin (properly installed) is just as strong as the rest of the pins in the chain, so having two or more is the same. You're putting them in different places, so every time you break and replace with a connecting pin is just same as the first in terms of strength.

Of course, every time you break the chain and install a connecting pin there is a small risk of getting it wrong. Just be careful to follow the Shimano instructions exactly and you'll be fine.
Thanks dhk2 - that's what I wanted to hear!

I'll give it a go, making sure the open link is pointing rearwards etc.

Nice video on installing here, by the way:

(link: )

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