Can I use mtb spd shoes for platform pedals ?


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Sep 19, 2010
Hi !
I have an extra pair of Sh-Mt33l Shimano spd shoes. Is it ok if I use it for platform pedals. I use one pair of shoes + cleats with my road bike. I wanted to use the other pair for my commuter( platform pedals). My main concern is, would the platform pedals spoil or damage the sole of the Shimano shoes. Image is as under.



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Feb 3, 2008
Go for a short ride and take a look at the soles.

Failing that, provide the Forum with the durometer rating of the rubber and a quantitative method of determining "sharpness" and I'm sure someone will be able to calculate something...

... next on the agenda, how to determine if your baby needs their diaper changed. Do you take a look or you you change based upon a formula derived from quantum physics combined with the Druids knowledge of astronomy and their ability to determine events by the seasons?


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Apr 12, 2011
SPD shoes soles are (or should be) designed to work close to and against metal pedals and metal cleat surfaces. They can probably take the abuse, or at least should be able to. Are your "platform" pedals much rougher than the pedals surface below? But I digress, they are sneaker soles, similar to what we climbed rocks and trees with as kids, and some of us still do as adults. Are you my neighbor who bought a Land Rover and never took it off road cause he didn't want to scratch it up. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif



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Jan 12, 2010
Will work fine. Exactly what my wife does with two pairs of Specialized MTB shoes that are similar to your Shimanos. Link not working, but Shimano SPD-5 series on road bike and Suntour XC Pro platform on MTB.