Carbohydrate-Protein supplementation effects on exercise capacity - Research. Participants needed!


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Feb 15, 2012
To whom it may concern,

I am third year Sports and Exercise Science student at Kingston University. I am carrying out a study looking into the effects of supplementation (Combination of carbohydrate and protein vs carbohydrate alone). Many studies have shown that the addition of protein can aid recovery post-cycling but a need to see whether this can aid exercise capacity during exercise remains to be seen, despite very promising indirect suggestions based on previous literature. Therefore, I am posting to see if any members would be interested in participating in this study. Attached is a full information sheet detailing the experiment but as it is quite thorough, I would be more than happy to explain this again to anyone interested.

The study will be carried out in our university laboratories and participants will be able to find out their VO2max - a key indicator of aerobic endurance performance - as well as how this compares to cyclists and the general population. Furthermore, this research may help unveil the ways in which carbohydrate-protein supplementation during exercise may aid their exercise capacity, particularly if there are individuals who for example, may be attempting to beat a personal best, improve competitive performance etc.

The study will be carried out in a high temperature (30°C) - similar to conditions many cyclists may experience during summer competition abroad. I require recreational male cyclists of any age and participation will be kept confidential. Of most importance to those interested, I would ideally require participants to be available for the same time slot on the same day for three weeks running. (E.g. 11am Tuesday morning for three weeks). I understand many people work during the day and during the week although because of technician working hours, experiments during late evenings and weekends unfortunately cannot be carried out.

My hope is that I can produce a publishable piece of work which could not only help me but further enhance Kingston University's reputation as a research institution. All interested are encouraged to contact me where I can send you in-depth details and provide greater explanation.

Thank you,

Craig Umenyi

[email protected]

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