Cycling recovery after prostate reduction.

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    Nov 14, 2010
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    Has anybody have thoughts about the time needed in rehab after had a prostate "rebore" or TURP ?
    I have recently suffered a rebleed from my original Op 4 weeks ago. The whole works blocked up from clotting and required another stint on the table now just 2 weeks ago.
    Things are gradually healing but I think I am at least 3 weeks from getting back on the bike as I am still having light bleeds and the thought of another visit to the table frightens the S*** out of me.
    How long should I wait? The Doc will say 3 months but jees thats tooo long !!
    Any body contemplating this procedure please be aware it is quite barbaric is this day of modern medicine and not to be taken lightly. Explore all other avenues first.