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Aug 31, 2009
Hi All,

I've been consistently cycling for about 7 weeks now and am averaging 23.5mph over 21 miles. Pretty flat cycling but a decent resistance. Have slotted in some sprints of 35mph which last between 1+3 minutes. Someone on another forum said that was pretty decent going and suggested I join a club. Just wondering what the cycling-specific folk on here think of those statistics?


Hi and welcome.
Those are very good numbers, especially the sprinting.
You will probably want to check the calibration of your cyclocomputer. Just make sure that google maps gives you the same distance for your route that the bike computer does to within 1% or so. If not, look at the number the bike computer is using for wheel size and make sure it matches what you are actually riding.
I say this because 35 mph for 3 minutes means you may have inadvertently set the new world record in the women's 3km pursuit.
Either you're good... in which case you should start racing.


You need to change the computer from km's to miles.


Welcome to cycling forums.
taricha said:
I say this because 35 mph for 3 minutes means you may have inadvertently set the new world record in the women's 3km pursuit.

I laughed when I read this 'cause I thought, 'surely not,' but I have done some sprints at that speed for times between 1+3 minutes. I'm sure that it's not consistent, and your point about checking the distance and the computer is bang on. I just cycle because I love it, not out of any desire to 'do' anything great, but if I'm doing well already, then maybe that's something that will change.

I just put my head down on flats and absolutely push myself to my limit.

Feeling a bit silly now because it seems so implausible but I'm not mistaking mph for kph.....seems I might have to take this cycling thing a bit more seriously!
The mens individual pursuit world record (4km), which has stood for almost 15 years is 35.6mph.

[ame=]YouTube - Chris Boardman- world record individual pursuit[/ame]

It'd also be the fastest prologue ever ridden in the Tour. Again I believe this record is still held by Boardman.

[ame=]YouTube - Tour de France-Chris Boardman 1994 Fastest Ever Time Trial!![/ame]

Based on your claimed speed you'd be beating Bradley Wiggins on your bike while he was riding the $30,000 UK track issue bike.
I do good to average 17 mph on most rides. Of course I don't have an flat routes to ride.
Yes, something isn't quite right here.

Why not join a club on head out on some fast club rides? Then you'll have a better idea of what it's like.
I hit 35 mph every once in awhile going down steep hills. :D

I rode 35 miles yesterday on a route that has some flats, some rolling hills, and some steep hills and I averaged 15.5 mph. I'm pretty slow....
Interesting and impressive is what I say.
For comparison, a relative short "endurance" type ride for me yesterday:
~25 miles on flat roads; 235average watts; 30.7kph or ~19mph. To average 23.5mph would take 300-315 average watts considering my aerodynamics, or lack thereof.

I'll also offer that I'm sure there aren't many ladies in this area that can hit 35mph ~57kph for a 15sec sprint let alone 1-3mins...You're very powerful or something's $0.02CAN worth...
Not to beat a dead horse here but a sprint is virtually always well under a 1000 meters often under 400 meters depending on the conditions, that you can maintain 35 miles per hour for nearly 3000 meters is awesome. Again just to clarify you are riding a bicycle on the road? I ask because the only way my speeds would ever match that is either a21 mile false flat with a tailwind or riding a stationary.
wow. if those numbers are even close to being correct. get yourself on a team! one that potentially has the flag on the jersey!

like the other posters said. why not find a local group ride to better gauge yourself. you'll know right away where you stand. or.....find another roadie who's riding and try and keep up. ask him/her what pace you're both riding. compare numbers on the fly.

I actually hit 36mph the other day on a flat sprint with my buddy. but that was for roughly 300-400metres.

earlier today. I had time to sneak in a quick fairly flat ride. 20kms. in 34:44 mins. Avg 21.6mph. decent time i'd say. for a non-racer 37yr old (who still thinks his body is the same as when he was 17!). isn't it???? haha.

do get back to us.

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