Decent women's road bikes under $500


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Apr 18, 2016
Okay, I'm a newbie here, and to buying new bikes - my last road bike is from the 1960's (a great garage sale buy) - an amazing steel frame that I love, but is just too heavy on even the smallest of hills.

I live in the suburbs, but also ride in the city, I want a road bike and not a hybrid since I have a mountain bike for trails. I'm a big fan of ram bars, and still haven't been swayed fixed vs. free so that's open.

Ideally I'd like a cheap bike so I'm not absolutely devastated if it gets stolen or if I knock it around a bit.
I'm not into racing, just love going fast and being nimble on them.

I honestly don't have a lot of knowledge on what makes a good bike so I don't need top of the line - this is more of a bike that will get me into learning all of that and get me around the city and on longer rides (30+) on the weekends.
I know how to do general work and some swap outs on my own, so if theres a great frame that needs upgrades, I'm comfortable with that.

I debated buying the Amazon Takara Kabuto, but every forum thinks they're trash.
I debated buying a Vilano, but there are mixed reviews on those as well.
It also seems like buying a women's specific bike is based on preference, and I've ridden both Women's and Men's and I have no preference on that.

To shorten up this lengthy post, I want a decent bike that gets me around, allows me to have fun, and learn more about what bike I would 'upgrade' to if thats something I would be interested in.
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Might want to try looking at Craigslist for a used one that hasn't had much use. It could be a way to get a pretty good bike for a low price. Check for local bike swaps or sales at bike shops as well.

I wouldn't recommend buying online if you haven't tried out that bike somewhere, you can't tell by a picture of it will for sure fit you.

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