Delta Bike Gear - A1 Customer Service

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A few months ago, I purchased a delta "PostHaste" (
carrier. Yesterday, while riding home, I heard a strange sound coming from the rear of my bike
(that's my bike, not my ass) and I pulled over to discover that my clothes had started the death
spiral of doom around my rear wheel. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the bolt on my carrier
had completely snapped. Well, I bungee'd it up and made it home okay, but was upset about the
carrier breaking so easily with very little punishment.

So when I arrived at work this morning, while coffee was brewing I decided to see if they had a
website, and I got a toll free number to call for assistance. Man, that lady was awesome. She
listened for a second or two, then just said, "what your address, we'll send you a new one, that
shouldn't have happened."

With all the horror stories about customer service out there, and with all the shitty websites by
shitty companies out there who have shitty employees it was nice to have such prompt, courteous
service for a change.

Kudos to Delta Bike Gear.

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