Diamondback M05 at Halfords...


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Jun 22, 2009
I tried to register here about 1.5weeks ago but just got my registration through, but all I was going to ask was, I had 3250 via cycle2work scheme for a bike at Halfords.

I want nothing special, advanced,expensive or complicated. Its basically for getting to work,riding with kids, and around the streets, coastline hills. I have just dusted off mymy old Raleigh Activator 2 out, after approx 10years!!, and been on that a little bit

I chose the Diamondback M05, and was wondering what people thought of it please. I wanted front suspension, maybe disc brake and grip shifts, dont know why just did?!? I basically made the choice on price, and features it had

I understand it wont be the best bits on it, but I did not want to spend too much, as not sure how much I'm going to use it yet.

Any comments please, I am still waiting for the voucher to come through to pick it up
Voucher came yesterday, £250, cannot add to it, so my Diamondbackis ready this Thurs, unless change, only other options are Subway 1, or Sacarcen Mantra (seems heavy bike), Crossfire 1 or crossfire 2, or Vulcan V-Spec.

buying other than Diamondback would not leave me with anything for accessories though, so a helmet, pump, inner tube (although Asda had inners for £2), tools would be extra

mmm, suppose could phone up and cancel Diamondback and order an different one?
last comments off anyone?

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