Double to triple. Cranking success!

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Bill Kingson, May 10, 2003.

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  1. Bill Kingson

    Bill Kingson Guest

    Fellow techcyclists -

    On 4/28/2003 I wrote:

    "I hope my next posting on this topic will be to say how well my
    1980/2003 Shogun 18 speed bike is working!"

    Here it is. The project worked out exactly as I had hoped and I'm able to peddle effortlessly
    up hills that used to be major challenges. What a difference between a low gear of 35.1
    inches and 27.0!

    Thanks to all the folks who took the time to provide information, feedback (AND challenges) when I
    asked about about converting my double crank 1980 Shogun 12 speed to a triple crank 18 speed:
    Sheldon Brown (Harris Cyclery), Peter Chisholm (Vecchio's Bicicletteria), Andrew Muzi
    (yellowjersey), Bob Massé, " Openworld", and Paul Southworth.

    I finished up the swap yesterday with a minimum of complication. Here's what I ended up with:

    - Shimano Tiagra cranks (52x42x30)
    - 68 x 113 cartridge bottom bracket (Shimano specified size for these cranks)
    - Shimano Deore long rear dearailer (SGS)
    - Shimano RX-100 triple front derailer
    - SRAM PC-58 chain (114 link)

    I could have had my LBS do all of this, but I wanted the challenge and the satisfaction of doing the
    job myself. So I also bought a crank puller and a bottom bracket tool for installing the new
    cartridge. I removed the old-style bottom bracket using a "Ford wrench" on the side with flats, and
    a hammer and punch to loosen the other side.

    Reassembly went smoothly, except that I didn't thread the chain properly at first. Thanks to those
    who recommended the SRAM chain with the "Powerlink" connector. Though I had no chain tool, it was
    still a simple matter to open the Powerlink, rethread the chain, and reconnect it. (I used a Dremel
    tool to cut off the old chain).

    After a few quick adjustments I took the bike out to test the new low gearing. WOW! Thanks
    again to all.


    Bill Kingson Caribou, Maine

  2. Imagine the difference I felt, going from a 32.9 to a 20.6...

    May you have the wind at your back. And a really low gear for the hills! Chris

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