Feedback On A Cannondale Jekyll


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May 28, 2003
I am looking for feedback on the Cannondale Jekyll 700, 800 or 1000 series.
I am currently riding a giant warp ds1, and it is too light duty for me, as I am 6'6", 230 lbs. Can anyone tell me how this bike performs and holds up??
My other choice is a Kona Dawg.
The Jekyll is pretty meaty, especially around the rear swingarm, lots of very big tubing. That said it's still not very heavy and designed to be a light bike rather than a heavy duty thing.
If you're looking at a Dawg then I'd compare it with a Cannondale Gemini, not the Jekyll.. :)
the cannondales are really nice bikes but out here in Australia they are way overpriced

have u looked at the Giant AC 1 or AC2? i'm looking at getting one soon and they look pretty good
My friend has a Jekyll 800 and got caught in a light shower of rain, now his "Lefty" shock has totally collapsed (It is on 1 month old too!).

If you get a 'dale, dont get a "Lefty", "Headshoks" all the way!
Well, I finally made a decision and bought a Kona Dawg a few weeks ago, and I love it!! It really climbs well, and the suspension is excellent for someone of my size. I could not find an xl cannondale, however I have no regrets, and I think I am probably better off with a less technicaly complex bike, as I have heard there are problems with them. Also, it seems that the geometry of this bike works well, as on my Giant Warp, I never could get to a point where I was far enough over the handle bars to keep the front wheel from lifting while climbing, yet had enough weight on the seat to avoid wheel spin. I dont have this issue what so ever with the Kona. Also, I experience almost no pedal bob with the Kona.
Thanks to all whom responded.
The Jeykll is a good bike but as of now you would be buying old tec.
Look at something current-
Good luck!