Finding which type of shimano cog


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Oct 18, 2021
I want to learn more about bike repairing so instead getting a new one after my husky saw a bunny and broke the bike doing sudden 90degree turn while bikejoring, I decided to repair this bike.

I'm having trouble finding the right replacement part for this cog. The bike has 7 speed shimano cassette. I can't seem to find a part with matching inner teeth. Does anyone happen to know which type it is or do I have to replace the entire cassette?

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Contact the online store and write to them about the problem, they will answer you! I often go to the online bike shop myself. it's impossible to know everything)))
Looks like a zombie thread…
Anyhow, the reason you’re not finding a Shimano spare is that:
1) You’re NOT looking at Shimano parts, you’re looking at DNP parts. Another manufacturer entirely.
2)You’re NOT looking at a cassette, you’re looking at a FREEWHEEL. And while it’s technically possible to replace single sprockets in freewheels, it’s very rarely done these days. Usually the whole freewheel is replaced as one unit.
3) how did you conclude that taking the sprockets off the f/w was an appropriate repair after a bikejoring accident? What issue are you trying to fix?