First carbon: Felt F5 Vs Ribble sportive/gran fondo


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Feb 10, 2011
Hi, first of all, this is my first post, and i'm looking for some advice about which bike i should buy for my first carbon bike.

The felt F5 has shimano 105, mavic cpx 22s rims and weighs in around 8.5kg in total for my size. the price on merlin cycles is £1100

The ribble bikes work at a similar price when the spec is upped to sram rival, itm aero 2.4 wheels and fram weights 1-1.2 kg.

I would also quite like to get hold of the bike within a month as i'm hoping to take part in a crit race on 12/03 and would like chance to wear it in - my current bike is a (very) basic carrera tdf, which unfortunately hasn't been best looked after, treated more like a winter bike, so i'm not keen to race on it. for one, aligning it's gear drives me round the bend - i've never had it perfect since 2 weeks of buying it!

I know it's highly unlikely that anyone will have a direct comparison between these bikes, but reviews/opinions on or between the two is much appreciated! Im swinging towards the felt at the moment, purely as its more recognisable a brand and more of an all round good performer...please tell me if i'm wrong!
Just a random personal opinion...

Ribble Cycles turned to sh1t after Paul Hewitt left the place back in the late 80s. I know their carbon frames ain't made by them but just sayin' ;)

Are you in Northern England?
I loved my F5 for the two years I rode it, and I'd still be riding it had not a lovingly used Dura-Ace TCR fallen into my lap.

As with any entry level carbon bike you're not getting the ultra-high modulus stuff, but the F5 is plenty stiff, even stiffer where it counts than the Giant, and just as light as most everybody else's entry level carbon sport-racer. Pluses are rock solid descending, composure over bad pavement, cornering as if on rails, and the aggressive geometry (low head tube and longish top tube). The gripes are what you'd hear regarding any other bike in this class--105 sucks, the wheels suck, the Gossamer cranks suck, the saddle sucks, the handlebar sucks, the fit is too aggressive, the ride feels kind of wooden, why isn't it three pounds lighter? I concede that the ride feels a little wooden, but it never held me back. In defense of the F5, I say it holds its own and then some next to any other bike at this price point. If you don't like the fit get a Z-series or a Roubaix, the wheels are rugged and light enough for fast training, and you haven't made any bike truly yours until you've swapped out the saddle, stem, and bar anyway.
just took a peek at the 2011 F5 at felt website and also googled it . looks like a nice ride, seen a price online for 1999.00 . really have not been paying attention to felt bike pricing lately , however I'm a huge felt supporter - have purchased three felt bikes in the past 2 years and I have nothing but good thing to say about them. The last bike I purchased from felt / LBS was a 2010 F4 (for my son ) he's lovin that bike . paid - 2200.00 $ + tax ( 2420.00 $). gotta change those saddles though .the bottom line - F series bikes are sweet rides.

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