Fishing rod ideas for bike touring?


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
I currently take a 4 piece fly rod when I go touring but I'm looking for something a bit shorter wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I was thinking about a Emrod with some sort of spincasting reel. I tried a telescopic rod but the rod felt dead with very little sensitivity so I returned it.
I was given a small telescopic fishing rod, with overhead reel for XMas last year. It is only 8.5 inches closed and is 1.2 metres long open and it works very well. has a 1.2 kilo fish weight. You can get them from Wish online in China for about 10 dollars Aust. I have caught 2 trout cod both weighing 2 kgs each. I know you said you had tried a telescopic, but this things has decent sensitivity.
Like I said I tried a couple of telescopics but the sensitivity wasn't good at all, I even tried and sent back a Plussino which is supposedly the best one and it paled in comparison to my two piece rods. And I've heard some negatives about the Emrod. I can't really find anything I like in a more compactable system then what I currently have so I thinking just stay with what I have, it'll be cheaper too!
I tried something different, and I went with a 2 piece rod that I had, assembled it and stuck it my pannier straps with a neon green "flag" tied to the top of it, hoping it would attract attention to some degree. Not sure if that worked for attracting attention or not, but I broke the rod on the way home from camping two nights when it hit a tree limb? yeah, somehow it just broke it two, it was an old fiberglass fly rod from the 70's so maybe it was just fatigued?

So guess what I did next? Yesterday I was looking at the rod and thought ok, I'll just hacksaw off the bad part since it broke about 2 inches above the joint on the skinny section of the rod. Wrapped the cut off end with several layers of fiberglass tape till I got a snug fit into the sleeve, poured in a little Gorilla glue and then reinserted the taped end into the sleeve. I just looked at it tonight and it seems like it worked! So I might use it again as a combination flag pole/fly fishing pole. Not sure how the action will be after my fix job but it seemed ok when I tested it at the house, but now it's a one piece rod, which is fine for my purpose...unless it fails to cast flys well.

boy i'm a cheap **** aren't I? LOL!!

If it doesn't work or breaks again I may look into a 2 piece fly rod made of more modern materials that won't break should it bend far, because I sort of like the idea of it being used as a flag pole.
i guess no one fishes while touring?

The hassle with interstate touring (or even hiking) is that your suppose to buy a fishing license in each state you go into...what a freaking hassle! why not just have a federal fishing license that allows you to fish in any state? especially those that are over 60 years old, they could come up with a senior citizen federal fishing license and make it easy on seniors who travel. Even say a short term federal license of say 6 months would be convenient especially for senior citizens who travel in warmer half of the year. I once heard someone say when I mentioned this idea that who would the money be divided up fairly amount the states? I later thought that a person would need to buy a license for the state in which the reside and then buy a second license if needed that would cover them in all states. Just an idea, all I know is that going from state to state and having to buy a license in every state is a huge headache and something should be done about it to make it much more convenient. I wouldn't mind paying for two licenses, or paying more money for one license if it meant that I could fish in any state including my own.

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