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    I’m a cyclist, an happy cyclist! I live in Italy: in Tuscany. I’m Italian!
    My favorite tracks stands between the cities of Florence and Siena in the heart of Chianti area. I equally ride a road bike and a MTB.
    I enjoy to go off-road with my MTB during the cold seasons but, I have to admit, I prefer riding the road bike. I love to feel my body under pressure when going up-hill and I enjoy the wind in my face during a fast down-hills.
    I never experienced to attend a bike race, up to today. This year I plan to attend my first “Granfondo” race. I will run it because my almost 5 years old kid asked me to do it…This seems to me a great reason to try and I will do my best.
    I will try to post here often meanwhile you can see more at:
    Ciao! Buona Strada!