For thouse that Just love NIB from EBay


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Oct 3, 2006
WARNING - Counterfeit Zipp bars - Buyer beware! We have recently become aware (thanks to a proactive consumer) of fake and counterfeit SLC2 handlebars entering the market and being sold on eBay® . New product that finds its way onto eBay® should be treated with extreme caution, is not covered under the Zipp warranty, and is subject to potential catastrophic failure. As these bars are less than our normal weight, are being made and sold outside of our control, we wish to alert ALL potential buyers to the danger that these counterfeit bars could pose.

Genuine Zipp handlebars are designed and proven only after stringent manufacturing quality control checks, extensive internal testing and independent EFBe certification. Zipp bars are required to pass the most stringent known standards so as to be safe to ride. We believe there is a very real danger that these fake bars will break or fail and will not support clip-ons and extensions for which Zipp handlebars are specially designed.

We would appreciate hearing from any customers, who feel they may have purchased counterfeit bars, as we try to put a stop to this dangerous and potentially injurious practice.

Here are some ways to identify if your purchase is genuine...

Is there a reason LBS charge more? This is from zipps support page. When I clicked on the link I did not go directly to the Counterfeit Bars. It was just a click or two away.