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    Hi there fellow cyclists, well within the last week I have discovered 2 cycling forums and both are great.This is the second and the other is in the side menu.
    I have used the 'net for a while now and just discovered these forums, maybe I've been at the wrong sites ;).
    Heck no not those nudie sites you bad people ;D, get your thought out of the gutter!
    Anyway this is a great site and an aussie one too! COOL!
    It seems well set out and there are lots of topics to post on.
    To intro myself I am 43 and have cycled most of my life, except when i discovered girls, surfing and a few other of life's goodies.
    For the last 12 years I have commuted a round trip of 50km per day, most weeks of the year.I have raced off and on through the years, mainly governed by how old another addition to the family was.
    A few years ago I got around to visiting the local track and got hooked, rode the last few club races , bought a trackie in the off season and put a big effort into the next season. Then did a few road races- always short, cause distance isn't my forte, in the lower grades, remember I am an oldie.
    In the summer pre Olympics I rode state and national masters in the pursuit- 3000m, I wasn't close to being competative but I enjoyed it- the feeling of being pushed out of those corners at the Dunc Grey velo were unbelievable ;D.
    Any way thats about it for me, just wanted to start a thread and to say thanks to the Administrator for a great site.
    Regards to all, sillystorm

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    Welcome to the forums sillystorm :)

    That other cycling forum is a hell of alot more popular than this one :mad: but i guess its been around for alot longer also. In my opnion its a damn good website!

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    Dec 8, 2004
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    Hi there Sillystorm,

    Welcome to this forum!

    I am 42 and have cycled for most of my life as well (the girls still interrupt but the waves around here are rare ;) ).

    Mad Dog

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    May 29, 2004
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    Welcom on board. I do hope that the girls continue to interrupt my cycling life! :D :p