Got the camelback... now if I can just hold out till 1st Feb...



Bought the camelback today - chose the blowfish as it has more room for
other stuff besides the water - now for the bike.
Just a week (and a bit to go) till that arrives. I so incredibly hope it
gets here on schedule, this has been the longest eight weeks of my life..
Funny thing is, the first ride I intend to do on it is actually called the
"Camelback trail" though it isn't named for, or after, the drink holder,
just that the mountain it climbs is reminiscent of the back of said animal.

I'll be posting a RR soon. Probably one that says something along the lines
of how UTTERLY out of shape for a long ride up a steep mountain I now am
after about 5 months without riding.

Oh well, if you're going to kill yourself, I can't think of a better way to
go than on a mountain bike in some spectacular mountain scenery.