How Hot Is Too Hot?


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Feb 22, 2015
Well, I don't really have problems with heat as long as it was not a crazy abnormal heatwave that can even impede normal outdoor activities. I think I am used to hot weather and I can't really relate with people who are impaired by heat. It is way crazy for me to bike in the winter because my body will feel really hard. For sunlight, I never really had any problems either but I guess I need to be careful about the negative effects of direct sunlight and start putting on sunblocks.


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May 26, 2015
oldbobcat said:
When the tar oozes up from the asphalt and sticks to your tires, it's too hot.
That was the story told me by a colleague yesterday. Last weekend he was cycling on a concrete road at a little before noon and he got a bit dizzy, seeming to see some vapor on the road. It looked like, he said, that the road was being cooked and steam was coming from below. But he continued and in a little while he really had to pull over because he was at the point of collapsing. Everyone in the office pitched in that you need not reach that point of near collapse. It's stupid to test your body's resistance and stamina that way.


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Apr 20, 2015
maydog said:
Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer so far, so I used my special hot weather sunscreen.
Haha, I've tried that sunscreen before and it's rather delicious, but I can't ride properly after using it. :)