Improvised Star-Fangled Nut Tool

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Andrew Swan, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Andrew Swan

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    Having the right tool can save time, produce the best possible result, and get the job done quickly
    and safely. However I hate spending big on the "right" tool when I'm only going to use it once.

    If you have to drive a star-fangled nut into a steerer, and you don't have access to a purpose-built
    SFN tool, try what I did:

    - thread a 3/8" socket onto the SFN bolt,
    - screw the SFN onto the protruding end of the bolt
    - inserted a socket extension into the socket
    - used the extension to hold the SFN square to the steerer while I whacked it with a rubber mallet
    (with the steerer held in a vice)

    I chose a 3/8" socket because the hole in it was small enough to retain the bolt, and the socket end
    was the right size to bear nicely on the SFN, but you could use any size that fitted equally well.

    Please see these pics if you need a visual:

    This worked like a dream! I've read of other home-brewed solutions, such as pulling the SFN into
    the steerer using a threaded rod inserted from the "fork" end of the steerer, which sounds fine,
    but my method works just as well and only requires tools that you probably have lying around your
    garage anyway.

    Hope this helps someone,