Indoor cycling trainer setup optimization


New Member
Aug 7, 2003
Hey fellow cyclists,

Im looking for some advice on optimizing my indoor cycling trainer setup. Ive been riding my 23-year-old Ricardo road bike on a trainer for a while now, and while it gets the job done, Im ready to upgrade my setup to something thats more comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Im looking for recommendations on the best indoor cycling trainers on the market right now. Im open to both smart trainers and traditional trainers, as long as they can provide a realistic and challenging riding experience. Im particularly interested in trainers that can simulate different terrains, such as hills and descents, to make my indoor rides more varied and engaging.

In terms of compatibility, Im looking for a trainer that can work with my existing bike, as well as any future bikes I might purchase. Im also looking for a trainer that can connect to my smartphone or tablet, so I can track my rides and monitor my progress over time.

Im also interested in any tips or best practices for setting up my indoor cycling space. Ive heard that things like proper lighting, temperature control, and ergonomic positioning can all make a big difference in terms of comfort and performance.

So, if you have any recommendations for specific trainers, or any advice on how to optimize my indoor cycling setup, Id love to hear from you. Thanks in advance for your help!