It might be a joke , I think he is serious though !


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Oct 31, 2002
Here is a guy asking me to go without a beer :'( .I only allow myself a few per week !<br /><br />Still his idea is simple and seems genuine enough. Send him a few bucks - You probably already own every cycling item less than $10 ;D.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Would really like to know how many money this has earned him. Surely no one would actually sent him money!?!
if you look on his website you will see that he runs a tally <br /><br />so far its a big $0<br /><br />Funny that Wok66 signed up on 31 OCT and this thread was started on the same date.<br /><br />Funny also that Wok66 has a photo of a raceline in the what bike do you ride thread and that both Wok66 and the beer guy both rode the sydney to gong ride.<br /><br />Interesting that Wok66 has the same website in his signature panel.<br /><br />Methinks perhaps Wok66 may be the author of this website.<br /><br />still top marks for effort ;D
I am so impressed, I am going to start a collection on his behalf.<br /><br />I promise I will send at least half the proceeds to him to assist with the purchase of a new bike.<br /><br />Me, I plan to spend the money on beer.

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