It's just not fair!!!

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by Guest, Aug 21, 2002.

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    For ONCE it's raining here, the first time this has happened in literally months, and I'm stuck at work and can't ride in it.

    I hate the world.

    :mad: :( :'(

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    I still cant understand why you want rain so much, we get pleny in ballarat, training in it aint that good IMO ;D
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    Maybe a budding entrepreneur could bottle rain water, with the right packaging and a big advertising budget maybe it will catch on in the drier climates :D

    Hot sticky dry then just

    Splash and cool

    The fresh feel of genuine RainDrops

    May contain nuts[/siz]
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    In regular conditions we get plenty of rain up here too. Some of my regular rides are normally some of the highest rainfall areas in Australia (fact). Just lately it hasn't been so, and we have the very real prospect of running out of water completely this summer. By comparison, riding in the rain now doesn't seem that bad.

    I've never really understood why people don't like rain. But then, it's not exactly cold in Queensland. Maybe I'll be in for a rude shock one day! :eek: